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About Options Analysis

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Options analysis is an extremely versatile form of market analysis that provides investors with the means to pursue a wide variety of goals. Whether purchased or sold individually or collectively, options allow investors to profit in falling, rising or even sideways markets. Additionally, options can be used to hedge positions and provide protection from adverse movement in the underlying security.

Because options provide a wide exposure to the underlying security, at only a small cost, they also allow investors to take advantage of leverage. In this way, options can yield significantly greater returns than a corresponding investment in the underlying security.

When it comes to options analysis, there is no better tool available than OptionGear software. Take the OptionGear Tour.

About HUBB Financial

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HUBB Financial aims to empower people to plan, build and protect their wealth. Founded in 1997, our innovative investment tools and leading edge investor education programs help clients take charge of their financial destiny.

We believe that in the world of the self directed is the new advice!  The world has changed… investment and wealth planning is no longer the domain of the wealthy. HUBB Financial supports the growing numbers of DIY and self-directed investors actively making their own investment decision every year. Our customers access an entire support network for investors including educational webinars, multimedia training online, regular video market updates, newsletters, live workshops, one-on-one investment coaching and an entire online community of investors.

Our live education courses are second to none because we employ real investment and trading professionals to lead these classes. This means that the information is presented in a pragmatic and practical way that gives students a true insight into what it takes to apply the strategies and make them work in the real world. Additionally our students are taught with relevance to the current financial market scenarios.

The company’s Investor Tools division dovetails with the Education division to provide online and software tools supporting the strategies taught to clients. Products are unique in their ability to assist clients in applying an integrated approach to investments including technical, fundamental and options analysis tools on one platform. They provide clients with the most highly featured analytics to support investment selection and the capability of trade execution via supported online brokers. The platforms rival the very best retail investment and trading applications available globally.